Well here I am doing my virgin post at Shadowscope. I’m still a little shocked that Richard actually trusted me with a set of keys, but I’ll do my best not to do anything too embarassing. Heh. Not.

Any of you who know me at all know that I am a believer of evolution and that Darwin, Sagan, et al. are “my peeps”. I could go into the details of evolution, or I could let Dr. Sagan tell you by sending you to this great short video, which culminates with “four billion years of evolution in forty seconds”. Pure gold.

Now as I get thinking more and more about evolution, it makes me wonder why certain traits have survived. What evolutionary value, for instance, do nipples on males have? Another thing I wonder about is that most of us mothers out there wonder why we haven’t evolved into having three hands?

I was thinking about all of these things while poking around here in the old Shadowscope vault, when I came across a baby picture of Richard that let me know exactly why two hands are just enough for men. One of my questions answered…