We don’t go see a lot of movies at the theater anymore but we did decided to have a day out of the house (it’s my off day) and take the girls to the movies and of course Harry Potter was on the agenda.

We took the girls out to eat first. Even though I know the mall is too damned expensive I was craving a Gyro, so that’s where we ate. These things seriously fill me up fast. I ate two of them once and could barely move. Had the munchies though, so it was needed but that’s a story for another time.

The movie was pretty good. I won’t post a spoiler or anything but we all enjoyed it. This was probably the darkest feeling one they have put out so far, and of course at that time the book was as well. I can’t decide if it was a good thing or not, but since the book was 600+ pages they had to cut out quite a bit of back-story which everyone already knows, as well as some of the filler stuff. Dobby was gone, as was Harry’s growing relationship with Cho, and some other stuff during the final fight “scene” with Dumbledore and Voldemort. Anyway, it was pretty good and both of the girls enjoyed the day, more so because when we left the theater we took them to the build-a-bear and let them build teddy bears.

Fucking solid gold teddy bears they may as well have been. $73 on two teddy bears. I hope they have actual shit and talk action for that price. Actually it’s not the bears that are that expensive, but once you buy outfits for each and one accessory, that’s about what it ran me. I wouldn’t let them get anything else because I am a horrible parent, or at least that’s what I told them. They have enough crap around the house without adding more clutter. The money doesn’t bother me too much. Things are looking up and the girls really had a good time, but I have to make sure to set enough aside to buy school clothes and supplies next week. Only a couple weeks left until school starts.

Originally Pete had the idea to get a U.S. Marine outfit for her bear and then give it to the boy, but you could tell that she really didn’t want to, so we told her to get what she wanted. It ended up being a cheerleader bunny and RePete got a pink bear with all pink clothes. She’s all girl. Here they are all hanging out in their coolness. I tried to get RePete to make it a biker bear but she wanted no part of that.

Build-A-Bear 004.JPG

The camera seems to have dried out a bit. I think the big problem I was having in Hilton Head was that we were getting in and our of the air conditioned car into the heat and humidity, so it fogged up the camera. Oh well.

Well, I hunted down the book. I need to go ahead and reread it and the Half-Blood prince before the new one comes next weekend. I do have a bit of leeway as the wife gets first crack at it and I recently ordered a new Alan Dean Foster book as well that I will probably read first. I finally gave up on the newest Tolkien book. It sucks.

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