The girls are about a half an hour away. I have the potatoes just about done which is the only thing that will take any length of time. I will start everything else in 20 minutes or so that way it will all be good and hot when they come home. It’s raining right now so there won’t be much unpacking of the car until later or maybe tomorrow morning. That’s OK, we desperately need the rain right now.

It’s ridiculous how bad my plants need to be watered. I’ve been setting my coolers out on the back porch when it does rain to catch it, pouring whatever is left of my water and coffee into the plants outside, and stuff like that. Hopefully we will have several good days of light rain in the near future to get the groundwater levels where they need to be. I suppose it needs more than a few days but that will at least get us started in the right direction anyway.