I had forgotten what a big pain in the ass it is to upload photos via dial-up or even DSL. I wrote and extremely long post with several photos all averaging around 500k each. Once it started the upload I cancelled it. Once I get back home and can post it at a decent speed I will do so.

I will most likely make it home on Tuesday afternoon at some point. I don’t know if these jokers will post any more between now and then but I have certainly been entertained down to the roots of my bald fucking head.

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  • it was a birthday party for one of the kids there. in no way was it a party in honor of taylor, kids are not that dumb

  • That’s pretty much what I figured but the end results are the same. Taylor died as a result of drinking and there’s all those kids partying with their bracelets in her honor. Whether the party was a birthday or not doesn’t even matter.

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