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Doesn’t leave a hell of a lot to the imagination does it? I will have some posts up later in the day. I ended up taking most of Monday off (as well as from real-life work) to read the new Harry Potter book. Finished it in about eight hours with a break for supper of course.

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  • a day at the range with Rush Limbaugh

    Listen to the unhinged liberal cackle that comes after the “peace and love” bed wetter shoots.
    Submissions welcome by utilizing the submission link to your right.  Unless your a lefty, then, uh,, just go away.
    Trackposted to Blog @ MoreWha…

  • Obama continues his infanticide lies

    t’s already been well established that Barack Obama has lied about his pro-abortion record and his fight against legislation that would have protected abortion survivors. He now continues this disturbing habit with his response to …

  • The $700 Billion Bailout

    Podcast Show Notes
    A $700 billion bail out for the troubled financial industry, but will it work?
    Mitch McConnell is naive if he thinks the bill won’t be loaded down with pet projects.
    Plus Obama’s misleading response to an Independent gro…

  • Florida State Loses As Well…

    *SIGH* Deja vu. First I witness Mississippi State stinking up the place and this evening I witness Florida State stink up the place as well. Three words: turnovers and penalties. That’s what really killed any chances of FSU winning the game. 7 turnover…

  • PhotoHunt 128: Road

    The latest PhotoHunt category from is “Road” which can be interpreted as one sees fit. It’s been a long time since I had the time to participate in a Photohunt so I’ve decided to offer up multiple photos for this week’s category.

  • Liar Liar

    Well you get the picture.
    Obama stopped in Florida this weekend to try and scare grandma and grandpa with a big ole country size lie.  Whats the big deal?  Nothing new is it?  And on the scale of Obama lies this rates about a one.
    WTH tells us:

  • Sunday Pessimistic Open Thread

    American citizenry is being played for a fool.
    I was just thinking again about this BAB (Big Ass Bailout) about to be rushed through DC.
    I find it odd that a financial crisis equals support for Obama and a national security crisis works out in favor o…

  • Anti-Palin campaign is a grassroots effort?

    There have been many rumors and lies spread about Governor Palin soon after she was picked to be John McCain’s Vice President. Some have spread quickly around the Internet and eventually were picked up by various pundits …

  • The Federal Bail Out – Thanks But No Thanks

    Snooper – The current financial crisis in the united States is certainly a very ugly situation but why should the American tax payer pay for the sins and the crimes of those that have perpetrated this quagmire?

  • Racism Straight Up

    I am getting more and more puzzled by the use of race in this election and more and more disheartened by what that shows about America.
    I feel like a lone voice in America protesting the use of race as a polarizing and defining characteristic.
    While Bi…

  • Obama cockroaches running for cover?

    An interesting reaction to the investigative report I covered in a previous post. In contrast to most online denizens, rather than enjoying the attention, videos and YouTube accounts are being removed and canceled in a rather organized fashion.

  • “Are You Too Stupid to Vote?”

    Pundits exercise their skills of blowhardery, bloviating about “the wisdom of the people” and whatnot, but as someone *cough* has wisely said, “In a democracy (”rule by mob”), those who refuse to learn from history are in the majority…

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