Crossing My Fingers…

Hopefully today won’t be a terribly long day. I have one of my managers off today and I am sure it will be busy but I have two pretty decent cooks and as long as they show up I should be able to get out of there in a timely manner. The good thing is that one of the two manager trainees is working and she is having to do her required second shifts which means that she will handle drawer change tonight and I won’t have to worry about that too much as long as everyone shows up.

I was pleased to see when I logged into one of the posting services that I use that I was given a bunch of extra assignments. They aren’t particularly long posts that I have to write, but I do have around 25 spread across three blogs. I will try and get most of them finished this evening. I should be able to do them in about two hours if I’m humping it.

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