Dragging Today…

That bed sure was comfortable this morning. I had a very hard time getting up and although I am on my second cup of coffee right now I still want to crawl back in the bed and go back to sleep. At least this is my Friday though. I was planning on taking Thursday and Friday off (the real Friday) but I have been having some issues in a couple of the stores and will end up working on Friday and only being able to take one day off now. I’m not particularly happy about it and while I don’t have any intentions of making people miserable the folks that are the cause of me having to work on my day off are going to feel my displeasure on Friday when I spend the entire day with them.

My left heel has been killing me the last few days. I don’t know if my shoes need to be replaced or what but it feels like a severely sprained ankle, except right in my damn heel. It’s almost difficult to walk on it Hurts so much. All I can do is get through the day day and hope I don’t have too much to do tomorrow that requires walking. I do have to get out first thing in the morning and work a bit on the new pond area before it gets too hot but other than that I’m going to try and take it easy. I wonder if that Freeze It stuff will work on my heel. I still have a little bit left that I haven’t used yet. I am afraid to try it before work. I’ll need it just as much when I get home as I do now though, so it’ll wait until then I suppose.

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