Just Another Mid-Afternoon Whine…

Even with the meeting I made it home at a decent time today, right around 4 PM or so and only that late because I picked the girls up from school. I really need to make sure and go to bed at a decent time tonight. I felt like I was sleepwalking through the entire day. The fact that I go to bed at 11:30 and get up at 4:30 might have a little to do with it.

My head has been freaking pounding off and on for the last three days and today is no exception. I don’t know if I am getting a sinus infection or what but something is going to have to give here before I start pounding my head on the keyboard in hopes of relieving the pressure.

The meeting we were supposed to be having today was to include seven of the nine manager in the division, all of whom have food costs expenditures higher than they should. Mondays are food cost meeting day. If their food cost is high we spend a couple of hours checking tickets from the past week that they should have already checked but obviously haven’t been. Out of the seven, the only ones that showed up were my two that had to attend. I called the other district managers and let them know that they would get to hold their own meetings tomorrow and that I was on the way home. I stuck around about 20 minutes later than the meeting was to start and then left. Fuck them if they can’t get places in a timely manner. One of the managers from a store that is about 30 minutes from me was still in his store trying to get his paperwork together half an hour after we started. I just don’t have the time or patience for people that can’t get places on time anymore.

To aggravate matters my Internet connection is down again for the second time in a week. I am going to refrain from calling Charter as long as possible. It’s not like I can’t type this up offline anyway. I got home shortly before 4 and it was down when I got here, so there is no telling when they will get it back on, the asshats. That’s OK, I have to burn some stuff to DVD as well in order to get all of my stuff off of the HD and ready to ghost. I did come up with a 160 GB hard drive, but the one I need to ghost is 250 GB. Half the stuff on here is junk anyway.

Hey, looks like my connection just came back on. Very nice timing…

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