Only a few more weeks…

I was wandering through Wal-Mart looking for strapping tape yesterday when I ran across a bunch of paintball equipment among the sporting good section and it got me to thinking about how much the Boy loved to go out with his buddies and their paintball gear and spend the afternoon just having a good time. The could go through two huge cases of paintballs in one afternoon. I almost broke down then and there and purchased a bunch of paintball guns and paintball gun parts. I would probably be better off ordering through an online paintball store though, which is what kept me from making the purchase. That’s one thing I never had the chance to do with him that needs to be rectified soon. He will be home for ten days around the middle of September and prior to me going back to work from my vacation I would like to do a couple of things with him. Maybe now that he has spent the last few weeks at boot camp we could play a couple of games of MilSim paintball.

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