I have always like funny, cool T-shirts and apparently my son has inherited my taste for them as well. I used to have some pretty rude ones as a matter of fact, but over the last twenty years they have mostly fallen apart never to be replaced. I still wear the ones that I have occasionally as well as some of them that I snagged from the boy while he is at Boot Camp. I did find a couple of sites on the Internet that sell twisted T-Shirts, one I particularly like is Tees With a Twist.


They have plenty of different shirts but of course the first link I had to click on over there was the Naughty Tees section. They also have political, sexy, whimsical, emo tees, and several other categories to choose from. I guess this one is my favorite for some odd reason…


There are some really cool Sci-Fi and Fantasy shirts over there as well. I haven’t really had time to go through them all but I know where I will be spending some of my left-over clothing money next month anyway. There’s nothing more comfortable than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.