NOT According to My Plan…

Overall the weekend could have been worse. It has been a pretty hard few days, made worse by moving all of that dirt the day before yesterday. I guess the real pisser is that it hasn’t gone according to plan. I like it when everything goes to plan at work and I hire and train employees that believe in the same thing and can help realize that vision. Of ocurse things always happen in the business to upset the apple cart but that’s OK if you have people that are good at what they do because things stay smooth then anyway and we get back on the path pretty quickly. I tried to explain that to one of my managers last night and he just didn’t get it.

All three of them make their schedules out willy nilly and expect their employees to work where they put them no matter the days or shift. The figure that the folks work for them and they are supposed to show up when they are scheduled or go somewhere else. My boss agrees with them. I tend to agree with the second part about going elsewhere if you can’t work your schedule, but I think they are all full of shit about the first part. Most people like set schedules. They like knowing week in and week out what days they are off, what shift they work. When they are on the same shift with the same people every day they tend to work more as a team and do a better job than if you just move them around constantly. The customers also like it because they know when the people they like are working. But what the fuck do I know, I’ve only done this 21 years and my retention rates as a manager are much higher than anyone else’s, at least after the initial three months in a restaurant? The first three months are usually worse than anyone else’s because it takes time to get rid of the crust of shit that’s built up and find the right team.

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