Helen or Bust

108 hours from now I will be here…

The Troll Tavern, Helen Georgia

What sucks is that as it stands now I still have to show up for work three hours away Saturday and Sunday morning.

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  • Carter,is not a freak he was pushed into a corner and felt he had no place to go. he is over 3,000 miles from any of his family. Yes he made a terrible mistake in his choices, but everybody makes mistakes.remeber when President Clinton got caught and payed a very nice price? Why wasnt he charged with felony charges, also clinton admitted to smoking pot, was he charged ? No he had no charges what so ever. No one has a right to pass judgement on another person. Only God can, and god chooses to forgive than to condem.

  • Stanley Carter living in someone’s attic for a week and ripping them off is an entirely different thing from President Clinton lying to Congress and the American people under testimony. While I certainly wish that the impeachment had been successful our representatives obviously didn’t think enough about it, but then they are all cut from the same cloth anyway.
    Actually god has nothing whatsoever to fucking do with it until after Carter is dead I suppose, if you believe in that claptrap. It’s for a jury of Carter’s peers to pass judgment on him. If he wanted it to only be god he shouldn’t have broken our laws.

  • Pushed into a corner? I think not. There are plenty of shelters and assistance in Luzerne County. He indeed is a creep, a lowlife, and a horrible person. He has changed the life of a family. He has stolen the safeness of thier home. That is something that will take a long time to gain back. This list can go on and on. What really needs to happen is that justice needs to be served and when he gets released he needs to go back where he came from. He is not welcome in this county!!!!!! Until it happens to you, shut your mouth and blow smoke up someone elses ass.

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