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Pretty nasty is all I have to say.

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  • The Opaque Murders, Book Review

    The Opaque Murders, by J. R. Godlewski is one of the book selections for the Right Truth Book Club this month. Advertised as a “Poe-esque Psychological Suspense / Mystery novel with an ending that no one is going to expect!”

  • Is It Skirting Campaign Finance Law When A Two Year Old Donates To A Campaign?

    Both parties are guilty of this
    Elrick Williams’s toddler niece Carlyn may be one of the youngest contributors to this year’s presidential campaign. The 2-year-old gave $2,300 to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).
    So did her sister and brother, …

  • Ron Paul Takes Nazi Cash!

    Matt, David, and the rest of the folks at have dug up what ought to be a big scandal — Ron Paul is taking campaign cash from Nazis, including the owner of the biggest neo-Nazi site on the internet…

  • Think Before Sending!

    Do you really want that email read by just anyone? After all, it can happen, either through your mistake or the forwarding habits of others. First, let’s make one thing clear. Does the local superintendent of schools want to kill…

  • Liberalism In Action

    For a brief moment, I thought we were dealing with a rational liberal columnist. Then I got to the fourth sentence. Forget impeachment. Liberals, put it behind you. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney shouldn’t be treated like criminals who…

  • Carlin Attacks Californians Like an Arsonist

    Via Hot Air. I guess those Californians just had it coming…and the audience is still laughing at this hater. I’ve got seven words for this moron.Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Nuke’s, Perri Nelson’s Website, Right Celebrity, Right Truth, The World

  • Who Stands for Mollohan?

    Podcast Show Notes 
    Who wants to give money to re-elect scandal-plagued Congressman Alan Mollohan? Not people in West Virginia, but rather big time Washington lobbyists.
    Also, the difference media coverage of the priest abuse scandal and the massive a…

  • Funeral protesters sued by Father of Fallen Hero

    There are many events that occur in our country where I am supposed to just shut up and take it because of other’s First Amendmen right, but I must not remain silent for this. As you are aware, there is a ‘so-called church group called the Westboro b…

  • The 911 Truthers Versus Bill Clinton and Bill Maher

    911 Truthers are the poster children of deranged conspiracy theory fools. 
    They love to confront anyone to forward their insanity, like when Bill Maher turkey walked them off of his live show last week (strong language warning).
    This wee…

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