This is the second edition of Thursday Thirteen for me here at Shadowscope. Here are thirteen weird foods that you darn sure won’t see me eating any time soon. Although once I have had several beers I might just eat anything…

  1. Pickled Snake Heads
  2. Salmon Candy
  3. Cow Lung
  4. Giant Water Bug
  5. Crab Spawn Cakes
  6. Mountain Oysters
  7. Cobra Blood (supposed to make you hard)
  8. Snake Wine (from China, has a small snake in it. I prefer mine to be a worm 🙂
  9. Deep Fried Monkey Toes
  10. Squirrel Brain (might turn me into a Squirrel Zombie)
  11. Scrapple
  12. Rat
  13. Calf’s Head

I think I can do without each and every one of those things for as long as I live. I never say never but for some reason I doubt like hell ANY of it tastes like chicken.

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