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When the wife and I got married 19 years ago, we didn’t have tons of money and neither did anyone in our family. The reception itself was held in the clubhouse of the condo’s where my wife’s Aunt lived at the time, and for entertainment we pretty much had ourselves and possibly a country music station. I don’t really remember too many details as I had been up extremely late the evening before. I do have lots of pictures though and they help bring the memories back. The one I remember most is the feeling of relief when we got the heck out of that place and drove off to go on our honeymoon.

Hopefully it will be quite some time but when the girls eventually get married I want them to have fond memories of everything that happens on that day and that includes even the Wedding Music because one of the big things that they will remember is the music that is played at the wedding. I can remember times in my life and certain years and decades by the songs and when I hear one it brings back those memories. That’s why GIGMasters can be such an integral part of the whole thing.

GIGMasters is the Internet’s premiere booking service for entertainment since 1997. The provide entertainments for weddings as well as other special events and have a large database that includes thousands of performers all across the United States and Canada. They will allow you to book a wedding band, DJ or musician in just minutes with access to audio, video and client reviews.

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