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    Hey you guys. The purpose of this post is for you to share your entries that might be interesting or maybe you just want to get some new folks over to see what your great writing is all about. All you have to do is head on over to Linkfest Haven and use their ping form and send this entry a ping. A link to your post will show up at the bottom of this post for all to see and click on.

    About half the time the track-backs end up in my spam folder but when I get home this evening I will publish them, just give it a chance. If you don’t see it here by tomorrow morning shoot me an email using the contact form on the sidebar and I will go in and find it.

    Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

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      If you ever had any doubts about the political leanings of the two major search engines, Y@- h00 and G00 – gle, just try doing a search on almost anything. You will have to wade through pages of leftist garbage until you get to a Conservative source …


      France 2, the largest French public media network has been caught up in a shameful scandal involving first staging an Israeli killing of a 12-year-old boy by complicit journalist, Charles Enderlin, and then in destroying evidence to be used in court to…

    • Illegal Immigrant Sob Story Part 3,458

      Epitomizing the phrase “bleeding heart liberal” (New York Times)
      Federal immigration agents were searching a house in Ohio last month when they found a young Honduran woman nursing her baby.
      The woman, Saída Umanzor, is an illegal immigran…

    • Chavez Watch

      Historical revisionist. International imperialist. Socialist dictator. All three apply to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez based upon news in the last 24 hours. Let’s start with the first, most amusing, piece of news. History books record that Simón Bolívar, th…

    • GOP: Party Of (Legal) Immigrants

      The open borders crew that seeks to embrace border-jumping immigration criminals often denounces the GOP as “anti-immigrant” because most Republicans want to see our immigration laws enforced. Well, what do immigrants — legal ones, who followed the la…

    • Why We Must End Birthright Citizenship

      After all, the only reason that this problem exists is because every child of border-jumper born in this country is an American citizen — and that means we must either let their law-breaking parents stay, deport the citizen children, or…

    • In Ron Paul We Trust – Bring on the Scam!


    • The World should give thanks for America

      Every time we have an election my Beloved Curmudgeon says something to the effect that the rest of the world must look at us in wonder that we regularly transfer power peacefully. I guess we all have certain things our spouses say that we can predict…

    • A Terror Threat in Cochise County?


    • A Battlefield Tour of Arab Jabour

      I recently got an email from Ed Kirkpatrick. He contacted me because he had seen on my blog that my son is stationed on FOB Falcon. Ed’s son, Scott Kirkpatrick, had been stationed on the same FOB during the same time as my son. He asked me if my son …

    • Christmas Music

      Just spent Saturday doing some extra (and hopefully final) Christmas shopping on the south side of Tallahassee and had intended to go to my favorite local used CD store, CD Warehouse, because they always put out a fairly large number of used Christmas …

    • Adam's Blog says:

      The Pork Continues

      Despite Democrat promises, the pork continues…More people forced to pay the Jock Tax…Bloomberg doing the right thing on education…Mourning on Thanksgiving…A man in Michigan stops complaining and does something…A new soluti…

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