Back to Work Again…

Well, I had planned on posting a bunch more anyway. I did manage to get tomorrow’s Photo Hunt up anyway but that’s about it. I watched about half of 28 Weeks Later and then it was time to pick up the girls. Friday is normally pizza night for them so I ordered and then Pete hung out with me watching the rest of the movie. She loves scary movies. It was a bit more gory than scary and certainly not even close to as good as the first but that’s the way it is with sequels most of the time.

We decided through mutual consent to make it movie night and everyone sat down to watch Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer after that. Not too bad, but very cheesy, like the comics. I enjoyed it (not to mention Jessica Alba, although she looks better as a brunette). The only problem with watching her is that it makes me feel like a damned pedophile. Yuck.

Anyway, I got a couple of calls this afternoon and apparently my manager in the shithole store is gone now. The store could be better if I could only run it with a couple of folks that care for awhile. Looks like I may get that chance since I may be running it without a manager at all through the holidays. Good thing she was already going to be off this weekend anyway. I means I won’t have to make any major changes to the schedule until Monday.

The only issue is that she is my second manager there in seven months and that doesn’t look good at all.

Tomorrow’s another day and hopefully it’s going to be a good one. Back tomorrow…

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