Dumping Grounds…

Had a girl come in for an interview yesterday and it was like a flashback. In the eighties I worked briefly for a pretty good guy that finally ended up taking over some of our franchise operations in St. Louis and apparently this girls was originally from Branson Missouri but had worked for him for a couple of years. That’s one of the things about my job, I know folks all over the country now and it makes it easier to get references from folks that have worked for us before.

Looks like they really are going to be giving me another manager for the store where I have gone through two of them over the last few months. The main problem is that this guy has been with us for a few months now and this will be his second store. According to his current DM he spends the day relaxing in the office while his waitresses do all of the cooking and running of the store. Why is it that my store seems to be a landing ground for all of the losers? Either they think I can fix them or run them off. I’m not sure about that but since the latter has happened twice I am starting to think that’s what they want. Actually I think I may be able to work with this guy and get him to do what I want. As long as he treats the employees better than the last two managers I can deal with the rest of the garbage.

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