Decorating the Stores…

One of the things we discussed in our five hour meeting on Thursday evening (can’t get enough of those!) was Christmas decorations in the stores. I am going to have to make sure that my managers follow our instructions over the next couple of weeks and pull down anything that isn’t appropriate. With the fact that our kitchens are right out there in the open we have to be very careful as to what gets hung up. No lighting strung from weird places, no garland, etc…They are allowed to put window clings on the globe lights but NOT on the windows, and a small tree is acceptable. I already know one of the managers has gone out and spent $60 on a tree that’s taking up way too much room in her store. I am interested in seeing if they make her take it out.

I figured we could get a table top tree for each of my stores and put it on the utility cart out by the jukebox and just put a larger skirt or tablecloth on it to cover the cart. That way it’s not in the way and not likely for anyone to trip over and hurt themselves.

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