Getting Debate Videos on my Phone

I did a write-up on Avot mV and their official blog a couple of months ago and what they had to offer mobile users. Since then the site has really improved and now they also have the political debates that have taken place recently on Avot mV channels. There are channels for republican ads as well as another one for democratic candidates.

If you want to check it out from your PC prior to using it on your mobile phone they have a desktop PC widget on the website so you can see what kind of videos are available. What’s cool is that you should be able to access the site not only from Pocket PC/SmartPhones and iPhones but regular mobile browsers as well, such as the one included with the Motorola Razr. I just tried it from my wife’s Razr and it worked very well, particularly since Verizon has recently expanded their broadband area so that I can access it from my house. No more 2400 baud speeds when I am on the Internet from my phone. Very sweet.

I had a few issues connecting to the site tonight from my phone, apparently Verizon has a DNS server down or something, but I have been able to get to the site using both Pocket IE as well as Opera Mini. The nice thing about using the Samsung that I will most likely replace in the next two months is the slider QWERTY keyboard. It makes getting to the site even better because I can view it in landscape mode.

Anyway, Avot mV is for mobile users what Youtube is for PCs. It allows me to have unlimited access to any web based video. Supposedly I should be able to play videos from Youtube and MySpace on my phone but I always seem to have problems and until earlier this evening I have never had one accessing Avot mV. You can check out their product site to get more information about Avot mV and what they have to offer. Their corporate site offers more insight into the technology behind the streaming video services offered as well as news updates.

One of the cool things is that it’s easy to search videos, just by typing a few characters to go on rather than full titles and words. You can also personalize the video listings based on your preferences, organize them into playlists and use Avot mV’s integrated messaging features to share your videos with your friends and family members. Did I mention it’s free? Yeah, that’s right. Obviously it’s going to use whatever air or data time you have set up for your plan, in my case I already pay for an unlimited data plan because of email so it really is free. It works on most carriers including support for 3G, EDGE, EV-DO, and WiFi.

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  • I livin BluRidge, right near Blairsville I’ve had a house there since 1994. Never have I had a problem of any kind, but after hearing about this, I will never again walk down my road after dark without my husband and tough little English bulldog accompanying me.I love North Georgia, I always felt so safe there. Ironically, I was shot in the head by unknown assailants in my house in downtown Atlanta the day after last Christmas –after that, I considered moving back up to the mountains, where i’ve always felt so safe. Perhaps I still will. I have been praying for Ms. Cornwell and her friends and family for days, and will do so until this lady is found.

  • Hi Annie I apologise if I sound sad and stupid but I also find the BF very suspicious. I have watched him several times on his first news interview..he was sitting forward smiling and seemed excitable about the story he was telling. I also find it odd that during the struggle the BF says Kristi shouted down the phone “Dont take me” If you are being attacked surely you drop the phone to ward of your attacker not hang on to your mobile. I also find it odd that police found a short distance away some of Kristis items of clothing, which police say prove there was a struggle. Would someone abduct a woman then stop the car to plant some of her clothing and dump her phone a few yards ahead. An abducter would have taken her and got out of there fast in case he was spotted.

  • Richard, has the boyfriend taken a lie detector test. I am checking everyday for news on Kristi and hope beyond hope that she is found safe but everyday that goes by makes this unlikely. I think the sniffer dogs are not picking up anything because this is not where what ever happened took place.

  • That I don’t know. He may have volunteered to take one already or it may be that wherever he was that night was enough for them to rule him out as a suspect completely.

  • Davis said in the first interview I saw, I made a commitment to her only two days before that I would protect her with my life. A bit heavy for a couple that have only been together a few weeks. I wish we knew more about this story which makes me think the police are holding their cards very close to their chest. A BF that can provide his own alibi by talking to the victim on the phone…hmmm not only that’ he can explain exactly what happened to her.

  • Kristi must have had a great dad. I think kristi thought that sll men were like her dad and found this not to be true. I think this last b/f is a Hollywood production. what bothers me about him is that he is just to syrupy.He is a nut case.Again, I think Kristi enjoyed helping people and was trying to help him.What concers me is that the cell phone was found in a YARD. This can not happen for there is ao much wooded area up there.It had to be tossed in that spot for a reason.Person followed her for a bit as she said this to b/f sounds like he was comfortable following her just not to much in a hurry to take her.He had to see her hand to her ear and know she was on the phone. Her house was very close. Kristi just could have been talking to her son ,parents, who could have been there in a few seconds.and caught the person. Very strange for you preacher man….

  • Good morning Georgiagran, the police are very fortunate they have a man who knew the victim for a short time. Not only that’ this man has an alibi because he was talking to the victim at the time he says she was “abducted” not only that he is the only witness.
    How do we know she was there ?because he says so..
    How do we know there was an abduction? because he says so
    How do we know she said “Don’t take me” because he says so.
    The police at the moment only have his word that connect Kristi to what happened to her…
    The cell phone and some articles of clothing I believe have been found but at a much later date, he could have easily gone back and dumped them there later.
    Has anyone come forward to say they saw Kristi that night walking in the spot where Davis said she was when “abducted”?

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