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Sorry about the slow loading times for the site today. I’m not real sure what’s up but it appears to be hanging up on MyBlogLog’s JavaScript tracking widget. I will give it another hour or so before I yank it from the site.

I have been getting quite a few hits lately from the post I put up a couple of years ago when Meedio and crew sold out to Yahoo and crapped all over the users that had donated and purchased Meedio from them. Anyhow, at that point I was hosting Meedio here for download but the bandwidth got to be too much and I took the file offline.

Here is a link for anyone interested in downloading Meedio. It seems to be pretty reliable. I will also see if I can locate some others when I have the time and post them as well as others.


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  • I hate hearing stories like this. It give legitimated reptile keepers a really bad name.
    I’m a reptile lover and reptile hobbyist. In fact my first foray into keeping webpages was the creation of my huge reptile care website. I’m not big on snakes – wouldn’t keep them, but I also wouldn’t harm them. My specialty is lizards and turtles. I’m known in the herp world as the ‘dragon Lady’ because of my love for Chinese Water dragons (a medium sized very pretty green lizard).
    It’s people like your snake lady and those that sell dangerous reptiles illegally that both damage the reputation of reptiles (most are non poisonous and helpful to the environment) and make it harder for those of us who keep harmless reptiles and teach others about them because new city bylaws end up getting created banning things like harmless little anoles etc.
    Sorry that’s my little rant on the subject. LOL