Denny surprisingly posted an entry entitled Sunday Metal today and of course the band of choice is Priest. I don’t know why it surprised me because these guys are truly good musicians and it takes one to really appreciate another.

I have probably even posted this video before and maybe the mp3 as well, but this has to be one of my all-time favorite Judas Priest songs. I have seen them in concert several times over the years and for some reason this just never got played until the late nineties on the painkiller tour. Not that they don’t play it live in concert, it just wasn’t part of the set list any of the times that I went to the darned show.

Beyond the Realms of Death is off of an album called Stained Class which in my opinion is one of their top three albums which include Sin After Sin and Sad Wings of Destiny.

This one was recorded a couple of years ago and although they are getting older, they still rock. Halford can’t hit some of those higher notes anymore but rather than sounding crappy trying to hit them he’s toned it down on the scale a bit.