Speaking of Health…

I mentioned however briefly last night something about fitness equipment. One of the cool things that a company I write occasionally for did recently was to give away three elliptical bikes for a review. I am not one of the folks that got that one but I just though it was the coolest thing.

Those things aren’t cheap in the least and it’s awful hard to write a review on something that you haven’t tried or at least seen. It’s one thing to write one on a web site or piece of software that you can download but it’s quite another altogether to do it for something like that.

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  • http://www.gainesvilletimes.com/news/article/2551/
    Per this article, could you answer one question for me and many others that are asking the same thing over and over while reviewing the case? Why in the world was Hilton allowed to continually stay in the shelters if EVERY person that encountered him had a negative experience? Some of the fault should lay with Vogel State Park for not protecting their hikers. If Mr. Foot was well aware of the encounters with Mr. Hilton, but did nothing to prevent future encounters, what does that say about the integrity of the park?

  • From what I have read Hilton had broken no laws. I will try to get back online in the morning and post some. We are right in the middle of some severe thunderstorms in West Georgia so I need to turn my PC off.

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