What a Blah Day…

It was a pretty tough day at work today. It shouldn’t have been difficult but I have worked so many days over the last month that I am just mentally and physically exhausted. I had two cooks with me and this time of year it’s very slow anyway but by the time I finished and got out of the door (five minutes after the first shift was over) I felt like I had worked twenty hours. Just dealing with people and not snapping on them has been a major feat. Some woman called me trying to sell small business phone systems and I ended up referring her to the corporate office. Not that we will use them in the stores but maybe it’s something that can use at the office.

I can always tell when I’ve worked too much because my attitude sucks. Looking cheerful and like I want to be at work so that it rubs off on the employees is quite a challenge when I don’t feel that way.

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