I Don’t Want To Grow Up!

Something Eric posted while I was out of town got me to thinking. That’s a pretty mean feat in itself, but I digress.

I’m not sure what it is about Atlanta but Heavy Metal acts have just never done very well here in the ATL. Huge bands that sell out two and three shows in NYC, Miami, LA and other cities barely fill the arena here. Hell, some of them just skip us altogether. They will play in podunk, Missouri and buttfuck, Alabama but just scoot on past Atlanta.

When I went to shows more often back in my teens, up until I hit about thirty, quite often a band would tour and I just wouldn’t get to see them. The first big tour that Metallica did in the southeast was opening for Ozzy Osbourne. I caught that show in Knoxville, TN. I think I’ve even posted about meeting the band and road tripping to that show.

So what is it that Eric said that caught my eye? Other than the fact that I enjoy Tom Waits quite a bit more now than I did when I was sixteen? I saw John Waite’s (obviously no relation) solo tour after leaving The Babys in the early eighties and the first of two opening bands for a particular act. He sucked. The second opening act was Steve Marriott and Humble Pie (exactly how it was being billed). Now don’t get me wrong. I like Humble Pie. A lot. As a teenager in 1983 I wasn’t particularly excited about seeing them though.

Imagine if you can, the lobby area at the civic center filled with the screaming hordes of fans (sort of like chipmunks in effect) of pop has-been John Waite, All of the stoners and other hippies going to see Humble Pie. Sort of an age difference for one thing but then you add in the fans for the man they were going to see and there is what makes it so utterly fucking ridiculous.

Ronnie James Dio on his first solo tour after leaving Black Sabbath.

I guess the promoters thought that Dio was going to be doing stuff from his days with Elf and Rainbow and didn’t bother listening to any Sabbath, much less any of his solo album. That or they weren’t thinking at all. Rainbow in the dark indeed.

Waite, Humble Pie, Dio? Not exactly a match made in heaven. Almost as ridiculous as Tom Waits opening for Buffalo Bob, which is what prompted me to write this. It actually started out as a comment to Eric’s post but obviously ran a bit long.

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  • Hi, We are wondering who the reward money is coming from that the parents can’t afford bail for there daughter..also is the boyfriend Tony being investigated that seem’s to be her main concern over her own adorable baby she hasn’t seen in over a month,bail would be a big mistake she’ll be GONE!!!

  • If there really (cough) is a Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, why has there not been one single police artist sketch of her?

  • Brenda, I am sure that they are investigating the boyfriend as well as any other associates and family that Casey knows. As far as I know unless something has changed in the last couple of hours Casey has NOT made bond. The reward money I will have to look up. I did read the source last night but was busy with work and forgot to write it down. I will try and get a chance to do so tonight when I am finished working. I’ve got three restaurants and oftentimes they keep me pretty busy.
    Tinychef, I am sure there are sketches by now, they just aren’t available to the public yet. Unless Law Enforcement feels like there is an overriding reason to, they don’t generally release information like that to the public. However, I do believe they will be releasing sketches in this case and probaly very soon.

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  • Vietraq Returns!

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    The total cost of the Iraq war is approaching the Vietnam War’s expense, a congressional report estimates, while spending for militar…

  • Very strange family. The grandmother and daughter have issues. They are both mentally unstable and if Caylee is safe and found, DSS need to place her in Protective Custody and both mom and grandmother should get a full scale evaluation. I believe mom has drug problems and grandparents should have called DSS a long time ago. Grandparents, especially, grandfather should have known better since he was an ex cop. Has DSS been involved with this family? Mom can’t keep a job….sounds like she has drug issues. Mom needs to be tested as well. If she is positive for drugs, then that will explain her bizzare behavior.

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  • Hi, Another strange feeling i got in my gut was that the “supposedly” friend from elementary school just popping in to the jail..I believe that was a friend or aquaintance of Tony’s to let her know he’s still around in some sort of code that only she would understand, there’s just that connection that I cannot let go..hopefully I’m way off but it’s the only logical reasoning for her treatment of her baby. When she met him there was evidence he did not like children and that’s when she changed her whole outlook choosing TONY over her Baby. Hope this is not being overlooked with so much focus on the family . just a thought.


    Courtesy of Boing Boing comes the video of the pilot for the Aquabats live-action/animated TV show. I’ve been a fan of this California band for quite some time now and have even mentioned them on this blog before.

  • Casey seems to love only Casey, that became clear with her ‘oh well’ comment.
    If you have, or get, a myspace password, you can go into Casey’s messages to before Caylee was reported missing. In July it seems Casey was chatting with friends about having fun and the upcoming 4th of July weekend. NO mention of a missing daughter. That tells a story right there.
    And what did she spend her stolen 45k on while she was allegedly searching for Caylee, did she buy anything for Caylee?
    This Mother knows what happened to her child, and imo she is enjoying watching her own mother freak out over it.
    Sorry to say, but it seems pretty obvious no one will see this poor child alive again.

  • Remember Susan Smith………the new boyfriend didn`t want kids and broke it off right before she murdered her kids? My gut feeling is this Tony wasn`t to into the kid thing either. I rememeber it being reported that Tony was talking to cops but not the media. He told them according to Casey, Caylee was always with a Nanny or someone visiting theme parks the beach or something. He said Casey said she was an event planner for Universal and her boss allowed her to work by computer from his home. Mom`s credit cards were her “paycheck” I beleive it was stated she bought him presents with the card……… On the Today show this morning…..Grandma said she was not allowed to contact him but she didn`t explain why…..I think he wants to distance himself from this whole sorted mess.
    I think this guy is problably just some young guy that got mixed up with a real psyco and dosen`t want anything to do with her now. He wasn`t exactly beating down the doors of the jail to find her….
    Remember when Grandma told the news her daughter thanked her for calling the cops…….I guess that`s why she was cursing up a storm from jail.
    Everything that comes up that lady has an excuse for. No I do not think she was in on it from the beginning……but I do think both her and her daughter are compulsive liars and have covered up for each other in the past. They are not used to people/cops/media/internet checking out all they say at the speed of sound. Grandma`s excuse today July 26, on the Today Show, for her daughter only caring about Tony and getting his number was that she only wanted to speak to someone she had be around for the last month……….WHAT???
    Someone should make a list of all the excuses…she had me on the first one about the shovel from the nieghbor for bamboo….Fool me once………..after that I just started talking back to the TV……Now I am yelling at it…..
    I have followed alot of NEWS stories but this has got to be the most frustrating gut wenching heart jerking story I have ever experienced. These people are train wrecks and it would be comical if theere wasn`t a sweet little child missing…
    The motheer knows exactly where her daughter is because she put her there…….

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  • Mary, I don’t know if child services has dealt with them before but unless they had been given a prior reason to I doubt it. I also agree that it sounds as if she has drug issues. Most of my 100+ employees make at or a little above minimum wage and unfortunately drug usage, particularly Meth play a very large part in some of their lives. Some of the stories I have heard are just awful. The entire thing sounds to me as if she might have traded her child or sold her child for drugs. It’s pretty obvious that she didn’t give a shit about her little daughter.
    Brenda, you may just be right and the whole thing ties in to what I am saying about her selling or giving away her child whether it be for drugs or something else.

  • Wow…..this case truly disgusts me. IF the family bails her out i believe its because they know more than they are leadin on too. if that were my child i would leave her ass there…….if you ask me..casey needs to be in jail for the rest of her life regardless if caylee is alive. we will pray for little caylee.

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  • Wow, I guess Casey had a lot more emotion when asking for her boyfriends phone number than when she spoke to police on the 911 call. I think they should let her talk to him. Maybe he can get some more information from him, like how did she know this supposed babysitter to begin with. Or maybe he could ask her for the disconnected phone numbers so someone could track who they belonged to before.

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  • Anyone know info surrounding Casey’s “seizure”???
    Apparently, she was brought to a hospital within the last year or so by a friend, after suffering a seizure. In my opinion, this is probably a sign that she was doing drugs… I’m thinking she was a pill-popper or speed freak.
    Casey AND Cindy BOTH know more than they have told police. That is a crime. They should both be in jail.

  • I just saw this comment on another site and was intrigued…
    “On June 9th the day Casey oringinally stated her daughter was last seen. Ironically there was a neighborhood break on June 9th and you wont guess the womans name who was robbed. Zenaida Fernandez and Gonzales.”
    If this is true, I hope the police check out Zenaida’s house, because Casey may be “leaving clues”. She seems like she’s playing games to me.

  • Wondering if you know this answer.If Casey comes up with the bail money do you think they have enough eveidence to re-arrest her for murder if the soil from the yard matches the soil in the car, and the hair belongs to Caylee, plus the stain turns out to be some sort of fluid from the baby, plus the fact she called her boyfriend to pick her up from Amscot where the car was left..Just can’t imagine that crazy person back on the street and unfortunately don’t know much about the law but that certainly seems like enough circumstancial evidence to me.Please respond when you get a chance. I know your very busy..Thank You

  • Right now I don’t think they have enough to hold her. As you say it’s all circumstantial. As far as the stain, having raised three children I can tell you it only takes a couple of days before they stain the seats in a car. It’s quite possible that it’s blood I suppose and if they could match the DNA with Caylee that would probably give them enough evidence without a body to charge her with something more. The soil would be easily explained in the car. I work out in my yard quite often and I would fully expect soil to be in my trunk just from hauling plants around and I can’t tell you how many times I or one of my children have bumped their heads on the trunk pulling out groceries which could explain the hair in the trunk. That is unfortunately why they call it circumstantial evidence. With a body it might mean something but without, it doesn’t mean shit.
    There is also the possibility that were she to make bail she might slip up and lead them to the child or the child’s body. Every day that goes by though makes it more unlikely that they will find the child alive.

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  • hi. first of all i think the whole family is a bunch of “dark-birds” … creepy people. even the mom’s attorney Jose’-or-whatever is a creepy-jerk. i seen Mr-Jose’-Attorney on the Nancy Grace show & i was APPALLED that he was LAUGHING & JOKING & just really making light of the whole situation. i think possibly little Caylee was sold in return for drugs. this is my opinion.

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  • Okay. The questions I have are:
    1.) WHY hasn’t that freshly laid slab of concrete been removed from the grandparents backyard?! If it has, why hasn’t it been mentioned?
    2.) WHY is Casey talking in “code?” She’s BEHIND bars! The media is camped out in front of the homes of people central to this investigation…NOTHING adverse is going to happen to them if Casey opens her mouth and tells investigators what the freak happened!!!
    3.) Casey tells her mother (recently posted on an Orlando news station website) to recall everything she has told her over the past month, and it will all make sense?!?!? Are you kidding me?! NOW Casey is playing a kind of “scavenger hunt” game where she is trying to use her telepathic powers on her mother to come up with the answers instead of just spitting them out?! Her mother is just as crazy as she is…that’s the blind leading the blind! And WHY is this being allowed?!??!
    4.) Casey has been behind bars for more than 10 DAYS and she’s STILL not “singing?!” I’d be telling whomever EVERYTHING I could within MINUTES of being incarcerated–unless of course I were guilty and were more concerned over my own well-being than my child’s!!! *sigh*
    5.) Why doesn’t Casey trust the Orange County Sheriff’s Office? Isn’t her FATHER a retired sheriff’s deputy or something like that?!
    I say put Casey in solitary confinement. Do not allow ANY visitors or phone calls until she starts talking–and talking about CREDIBLE things that actually result in the finding her daughter. THEN let her go into the general population and let the other inmates deal with her!!!
    Casey is clearly a “Drama Momma.” Keep her out of the limelight and away from people, and see how long she can stand to be alone with herself.

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  • Hi, Me again ,this time I am pissed off to no end.Just watched the court hearing which was fine ,blah,blah, blah..Ok ? how can the “parents” ride in a limo with a chauffer no less, while collecting money to help find Caylee? Whether it was donated or paid for from there own pockets that money should go for looking for the Baby not as a luxury for their lying Asses.. just another “SELFISH ACT” from a SELFISH LYING FAMILY.
    Thanks again for listening!

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  • In the police transcript (Nancy Grace website)it says they interviewed a Zenaida Gonzalez (name & phone number police got from apt. mgr. off a guest card, same apt. where Casey said Zenaida lived)& she did not know Casey or Caylee. They in turn showed Zenaida’s pic to Casey and she didn’t recognize her. Thought that was interesting! I’m sure police have checked Casey’s phone to see if the Zenaida they interviewed shows up anywhere on Casey’s call list.

  • I think the recently posted pics of MOM partying at a club (now childless) speaks volumes! She got rid of her beautiful child because she wanted to party — can I help in giving her that shot?

  • This is turning into a media circus. They are glamorizing the mother of caylee and her mom doing all sorts of interviews. God as I mother I would want my child back. I would be crying and in anguish. This is all so sad and all so obvious. This child is not alive and if she is found alive it will be a miracle!!

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  • Thank Shadowscope for this site. It is nice to know I am not the only one addicted to this case! So many unanswered questions and twists to this sick story. So one of the things I find odd or want to know is if the police will release any of Casey’s cell records? Even though her sorry ass cant seem to remember where her SIM card or cell phones are, the police can trace all her calls… and does anyone know where Casey told her mom she was this whole time Caylee has been missing? was she supposedly visiting friends or living with the boyfriend Tony? AND OMG did you see the disgusting photos of Casey today partying when Caylee would have been missing? Thanks again for all the updates… I have been watching Nancy Grace and the local news here in Vegas and they seem to not include alot of the facts..

  • And on another note.. If Tony is her boyfriend how come she doesn’t know or have his number?? Clearly if it was her boyfriend that she cared about so much, she would have all his numbers…..

  • I am concerned about Casey’s dad being a retied cop, who better to learn the best ways to get away with murder, kidnapping etc from. Someone should look into his previous cases that may be similar or copycatish and see if they can come up with anything. Both mom and daughter are definitely hiding something. I don’t think the grandmother is in on it, but I think she knows more than she is saying to protect her daughter Casey, dad may be advising too until they can get their stories straight, I pray that little girl is alive, but the more I read the more I doubt it. I think Casey has a meth habit and her lying, theiving, and lifestyle are pretty good indicators. That article about the break in at Zenaida Gonzalez house is a ig red flag too on June 9th, seems it would be convenient to pin the girls disappearance on an unknowing victim after she rummaged through and found the name. I think Casey is sending everyone on a wild goose chase so they don’t look at the obvious. That child is probably in an obvious place if not with her drug dealer or a human trade rep. somewhere. I pray she hasn’t sold her to one of those people who will sell her to pedifiles and do God knows what. If she really is alive, I am thinking that Zenaida is just the name Casey gave to throw police off.

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  • I’m sorry, but I’m sick to my stomach over this whole thing. Unfortunately I belive Caylee is no longer alive. I think the mother is a disgusting, lying piece of shit. I hope the grandparents are genuine in their concern and search for her, but asking for money and help…well…I have a problem with that. This whole thing stinks. I hope Casey rots in jail…then hell.

  • Why would anyone give money to the Anthony family when Casey knows where Caylee is? Give me a break. I think Casey killed her daughter, and it won’t be long before the DNA evidence proves it.
    God Bless Caylee.

  • This has got to be the saddest story I’ve ever heard. What kind of mother would even think about doing such a thing to their child?! It’s sick! It’s disgusting! It makes me sick to my stomach. PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE because this truely goes out to show what sick people we have in this world.