I finally found a version of the confession video with English subtitles.

Natalee Holloway’s mother and reporter Peter R. DeVries were on Larry King. You can watch the video over at CNN. She brings up the point I mentioned last week about how investigators in Aruba kept asking Natalee’s parents over and over if Natalee had ever had a history of epileptic seizures.

The Aruban authorities have also questioned Joran Van der Sloot again, this time in the Netherlands. deny. deny. deny. He is claiming that everything on the video tape is lies and that he was just making it up so that he could get a job with the bad guys 🙂

He was apparently interviewed for two hours again and he denied any type of role in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance according to the prosecutor’s office. He claims that he was under the influence of Marijuana when he was secretly videotaped saying that he was with Holloway when she died. In the video tape he also says that he couldn’t be sure that she was dead when they disposed of the body. That’s just messed up.

The Aruban courts have said that there is enough evidence to re-open the investigation, which they obviously have, but not enough to arrest Joran, so the scum sucking loser is still walking around free. The prosecutor’s office has appealed that decision and a three-judge panel is supposed to rule on that this next week.

Investigators have taken a hard drive from Joran’s computer as well as a laptop in order to look for new evidence.

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