More Vacations…

I think the wife and girls are going to be going back to Bluffton for spring break again this year. Our friend Niqui is going to be moving pretty soon. I think she may have found someone to buy the Art Cafe on Hilton Head and that means she and her kids will be moving to Cyprus. I don’t know if the South Carolina land for sale is doing any better than it is here, but the market has really slowed down in my area. There must be 25 houses for sale in my subdivision.

The bad thing about my job is that our vacations don’t overlap as often as I would like. We were lucky in that she was able to take and extra day while I was on vacation and they were all home on President’s day as well. That was nice. We also get to take one together at the end of May as well. I still don’t know if we will do anything since we are going to be redoing the bedroom, but it is our 20th anniversary.

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