March 13, 2008

Global Warming a Hoax

Well, duh… Newsmax Correspondent Philip Brennan describes why he agrees with the founder of the Weather Channel that global warming is the greatest scam in history. He also says that the fact that John McCain is on board with the environmentalists scares the hell out of him. What makes Philip Brennan and the founder of…Read more


Something I just am not getting enough of. I have probably posted more today than I have the entire week. It’s funny how that ends up working out. I had actually planned on coming home yesterday and spending the majority of the day on the computer but I was at work until about midnight Tuesday…Read more


So the maintenance man and I were talking a couple of days ago at work just about stupid stuff. He and I have been around for several years and I know him pretty well. He’s a good guy and will be retiring soon. I hate it because it means that we will end up with…Read more