Police are reporting that a second pair of panties found with Brianna Denison’s body had DNA belonging to her, the man who killed her and a woman who lived at the house where Denison was abducted.

This was news because if you remember, originally they were saying that there was ONE pair of panties found near the body. Reno police have identified the second pair as belonging to one of the students that lived in the house Briana was abducted from on January 20th.
Police are reporting that they didn’t immediately release the details about the second pair of panties because more investigation was needed and that it’s pretty typical for investigators to not release information right away.
The City of Reno and America’s Most Wanted teamed up and have released a video on the Reno web site with pertinant facts in the investigation.

If for some reason the video doesn’t show up properly you can also try to view it at the City of Reno Briana Denison Investigation web page.
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