One of the nice benefits of my job is that they reimburse me for 100% of my gas, excepting of course when I am off or on vacation. Since I rarely do anything on my off days this ends up being everything I spend on it, which is around $60-70 a week.

So I stop at the Racetrac after my meeting this afternoon and I was only putting in about $13, figuring that I would fill up after I get paid tomorrow. Since I was paying in cash, which is something I rarely do, I had to prepay for the gas. When I went in to get the receipt all they gave me was this damned slip that said “Prepay Gars $13”. I asked for the gas receipt that showed how mu gas I actually pumped, since that’s what is required to turn in on my expense report.

“Oh, we can’t do that, the only way you can get that kind of receipt from prepay gas is if you sign up for our prepay card”

Thanks but no fucking thanks, I’ll just make sure NOT to stop at Racetrac anymore and take my $300 a month elsewhere.