For those of you that don’t know what an open trackback post is, participating in the Open Trackback Alliance is the chance to showcase your work to one or more sites and show it off to folks that may have never seen it before. Send a trackback or ping to this post and an excerpt will show up at the bottom of this entry both on the individual entry as well as the home page of my site giving you a chance to maybe get some new readers.

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You can also host an open trackback and join in the fest. Simple head over to Linkfest Haven Deluxe and fill out the form. There are links and directions over there showing how to get trackbacks to show up properly on your main index. Using Linkfest you can also submit your trackback to all of the sites participating in the fest as well instead of trying to hunt them all down. Over at my blogrolls page there is a list of open trackback providers and the days that they normally provide open trackbacks as well.
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