The trip to Helen was great. I will eventually post some photos but I need to cull through them and make sure there aren’t any that DON’T need to be uploaded to Flickr before I start posting them here.

I arrived a day early and just sort of hung out at the cabin until Zonker (no link since he isn’t blogging any more) arrived and got settled in, at which point the two of us headed over to The Troll for dinner and a couple of beers. I found a new friend in Paulaner (sp?) Double Bock. Quite expensive for a habit so I only had a couple but boy are those things good.

Once we wandered on back to the cabin we sat up until about 3am on Friday morning just talking about shit, politics, other bloggers, whatever, whilst imbibing Gin & Tonic (Zonker) as well as some yummy Triple Shot Espresso Vodka (me). Damn that stuff is good.

Friday some other folks arrived and several of them have updates on the other three days we spent in Helen so I won’t even go there. I did get to see some great folks that I only get to occasionally see including Zonker, Denny, Recondo32 and Georgia, Eric and Fiona, V-Man, Dax, Key Monroe and Miss Priss, Michelle, Kelly and the Senior Chief, my brother Charles and RSM. I think that’s everyone anyway. It was a bit larger crowd than I thought would end up coming this year and great to see everyone.

I probably never would have made it to one of these things if Acidman hadn’t died when he did. I never met Rob Smith but I had been reading him for a few years along with some of the other folks that were there this weekend. I’ve had a web site for about ten years or so and Shadowscope has been online for about eight now. I finally converted it into the current blog format back in 2003 and have used that ever since. Obviously I’ve been doing this for a while but the last folks I met that I also hung out with online were some really nice people involved in Fidonet back in the nineties. While I read about Rob’s exploits and some of the fun gatherings that had taken place I just never could find the time and I was probably a little afraid of meeting some of these folks.

When Acidman passed away in June of 2006 I was on my last day of vacation and for some reason I got the wild hair up my ass that I needed to go to his funeral. In Savannah. Five hours from my house. When I should be working. Seemed like a great idea at the time and for a change that’s how it turned out. I called my boss and told him a good friend had passed away and drove down to Savannah where I met some of the folks linked to above as well as a bunch more. Some were pretty cool and some were just plain old fucking crazy but it was great to meet them all.

Needless to say, when I heard they were doing Helen (three trips ago) I jumped at the chance to go. The wife and I reserved a room at the Kristy for the weekend and as they say, the rest is history…

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  1. I don’t mind. I just needed someplace I could blog that had nothing to do with the Crime Blogging that I seem to have gotten into. Still using my name and email addy here.

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