Be careful about cleaning up your Gmail contacts

Pretty stupid move on my part but recently I was cleaning up my contact list. Since my phone connects via bluetooth in my car I wanted to pare my contact list down because there are just some folks I won't be calling. For instance, no reason that +Robert Scoble should show up when I am trying to dial someone from work. As much as he might want my advice about eating at Waffle House he probably won't be calling me either.

Anyhow I realized that all of the people in my circles had also been added to my contacts so without thinking (that's never happened before…) I got rid of about 50-60 folks in my list who either didn't have email addresses or phone numbers listed. Little did I know that it would also delete them from my circles here. Ooops.

Not sure that I quite like that feature. There are certain people that I will only ever contact over the Internet and then there are more who I only follow (stalk) but would never be in contact with.

While I do like the full integration of services that Google is aiming for I think there should be some separation between the two.

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