It was actually a pretty uneventful day today. I certainly expected a lot more bullshit after being off for the last two days. My bosses boss has been on my ass lately about payroll, so I have made a bunch of major changes to the scheduling. I cut some of the mouth breathers a couple of days, and my first shift cook that has been so much of a pain in the ass the last three years is now a 3rd shift cook. Now the trick is to see if he actually shows up. Even if he doesn’t it’s not that big of a deal. If he hangs me I don’t have to worry about how the next manager is going to get rid of him. If he DOES show up and do a decent job, well good. The position will actually pay him a little more and give him the opportunity to make a little more money.

I am having a mandatory meeting on Tuesday afternoon. I don’t have too many employee meetings. I don’t believe in them. Generally they are a waste of fucking money (you have to pay them for coming) when I can go over what I need at the beginning of each shift or on-on-one with the folks that need a bit of meeting time. This is a bit different though. I have to pretty much put my foot down about the pill heads and some rumors that some of them have been buying and selling on my property. I have the feeling that at least a couple of them may quit afterward, which is fine, they are the ones that need to go. It will hurt my money a little bit to lose them as I get paid off of retention, but in the long run I will be much better off. Besides, I will be in a different store three months from now and I can’t leave the new guy with a bunch of shit that I inherited from the last manager. I’ve been around long enough to be able to deal with most of them and do it successfully, but he has not.

There are also some issues I am going to have to go over as far as these people getting along at work. I could give a flying fuck if they like each other, as long as they act like it at work and do a professional job, that is all I care about.

I think that this new guy is going to do a pretty decent job. He worked a double on one of my off days since the cook called in. Had it been me I would have found someone to else to work. After 20 years I don’t believe in working fucking doubles, or 2nd and 3rd shifts. This guy is still young and gung-ho and willing to cut a bit of payroll. Hell yeah. He can work all the fucking doubles he wants while I am still getting paid off the store.

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