Blogging about work

Lately I’ve not blogged much, except for work-related stuff, and the occasional technical/htpc/ha post or review. Boring. I guess that is about all I have going on recently, so that is what I am thinking about. My level of stress is pretty high between work, money matters, and the fact that Chris will be moving on in a few months.

He still isn’t sure what he wants to do, but I think he is tending toward just going to school, although military service is still possible.

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  1. Ah, sweet Saturday; OTB

    What have I accomplished today? Let’s see…I went through emails, I worked on my open trackbacks, I got a new mouse that had a cord that was too short (actually, my brother got it for me because I don’t leave the apartment, but that’s a whole di ……

  2. I agree. Now the trick is to go ahead and get it done instead of having him sit on death row for the next 20 years.

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