I figured I would try something a little new here. I signed up for the free Zookoda service which lets me offer a digest of my site postings daily, weekly, and maybe even monthly. Of course RSS is available, and I am even subscribed to several different RSS feeds, but I never seem to read them even though they are right there in Outlook, which is always open.

I do however, get daily digests from a few different groups I am a member of, and I at least skim over them and sometimes actually pay enough attention to read them. The link to the daily digest subscription is to the right, along with different RSS feeds.

I think the biggest reason that I DON’T read feeds is the interaction. I enjoy going to the different sites. That is part of the blogging experience for me.

Whatever. If you are interested sign up. It will give you once per day (if it works correctly) basically what is in my RSS feed for the day in a nicely formatted email and you can click the links if you want to read the entire post.