July 11, 2007

Digital Picture Frames

One thing that I think is really cool that I have not had the opportunity to purchase is a digital picture frame like the ones over at Digital Framez. I toyed with the idea awhile back of making one myself using a linux based PC and a touch screen but it is pretty cost prohibitive…Read more

New Take on Spam

Just got this one via email. Same old schtick with a new twist: Dear Friend, I am John England, an Army contractor attached to the US Army corps of engineers in Iraq. The reason why I’m explaining my findings to you are to seek for your assistance to enable you contributes immensely to the actualization…Read more

Around 200 Emails Later…

Damn. Although I have kept up somewhat, answered a few comments and emails for the most part I have spent the week ignoring them and enjoying myself. I’ve just gone through the list of emails, spam track-backs, comments, etc…What a job. Now I can get some stuff taken care of. Have to go out shortly…Read more

Vacation Time…

One of the things that I have really learned to appreciate over the last few years at my job is the limited time that I get with my family. During the normal course of the year my days off rotate so that one week I have two and the next week I get one day…Read more

Starting Out On a Good Foot?

These people should take a lesson or two from Shadowscope & his lovely bride. They have been happily married for quite some time now and are just the sweetest couple. This bride is already on depressants on the wedding day and attacking her husband with a shoe? “While the guests were enjoying the wedding reception…Read more