July 28, 2007

Links directory

It is brand new and I still need to edit the default template but I have set up a links directory at www.shadowscope.com/links, if you are interested in being added it is free, just requires a reciprocal link on your main page. As it is a new installation if you have any problems or issues…Read more

Another Day…

…another dollar. Halfway through this dude’s vacation. The week hasn’t gone too terribly bad. My relief manager is back to work today and he will be with me so hopefully it won’t go too bad. Unfortunately one of my other managers is off today so once I finish at the first store at two or…Read more

Muscular Dystrophy Association

I have participated in the annual local MDA Lock-up a couple of times over the last few years at work. It’s a pretty cool deal. Basically the Muscular Dystrophy Association sets up at a local businesses, in the case of Carrollton at a restaurant called The Mansion, invite a bunch of business owners and managers…Read more