She was damn sure right about that one. Would that I could tap my heels together three times and be there. We ARE home now. Rental car is unloaded, clothes are washing and coffee is making by god. It didn’t take too terribly long to clean up after the feline-type critters either, although the must have finished the food yesterday or this morning. Most of them were pretty darned hungry, although a couple of them just wanted to get the hell out.

I’m in the process of pulling pics from my SD card right now. 517, of which there are probably 5 good ones I am sure. Somewhere around 250 the first day so all told I took 750 photos in three and a half days. The way I figure it is that if I shoot enough there are bound to be some really good ones and then I will end up deleting at least 15% of them as crap.

Here’s one from the graduation…

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 165.jpg
My boy is in the family (row) to the right of the Senior Drill Instructor, just behind his left shoulder. Can’t see him in this photo of course, but I know he’s there.

Took this one shortly after graduation…

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 249.jpg

It’s one of my favorite shots right now…

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 281.jpgI took this last one Friday night. This is the waterfront in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 310.jpgIt was really strange. I know that it’s after Labor Day and most of the seaside town slow down but it was really slow down there for a Friday evening. There just wasn’t a whole lot going on.