February 19, 2008

Fire In De Hole…

Walking through downtown Nassau we came across this in the window of one of the duty free liquor stores. I didn’t know whether to drink it or fuck it? Fire In De Hole Erotic Rum of the Bahamas. I didn’t buy it but somehow I have regretted it ever since. Although you are allowed to…Read more

Friday in the Bahamas

We got to the resort around noon and check-in isn’t until 3 so they stuck armbands on us and let us roam around to check the place out until we could get our room. We tried their native brewed, called Kalik. It pretty much sucked. If you like Budweiser with a higher alcohol content and more carbonation you might like Kalik. It was probably closer to Corona than Bud but it was still…

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

I am on vacation this week and provided I didn’t miss my flight Sunday I am at home now (yeah, I scheduled this prior to leaving town). This is just the hint of a Tramp Stamp, leaving what it is to your imagination. No need for the extended entry this week as it’s PG material….Read more