Something I just am not getting enough of.

I have probably posted more today than I have the entire week. It’s funny how that ends up working out. I had actually planned on coming home yesterday and spending the majority of the day on the computer but I was at work until about midnight Tuesday and then my half day yesterday turned into me not getting home until 2pm. I was pretty whipped so I worked outside in the yard, knowing that if I came inside I would fall asleep.

Today I have pretty much taken it easy. I managed to get about nine hours of sleep last night, which was much needed but it sure doesn’t feel like it fixed my sleep deficit. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can take more than one day off. One can hope…

Pete has a concert tonight for the chorus. I am checking her out of school early this afternoon because they have to be there by three p.m. in order to start practicing. Why they don’t just stick the kids on a bus is beyond me. Anyway, we don’t have to be there until 6 or 6:30 so I will come home and throw something in the oven that we can eat before we go see them. If it’s charged up I may take our video camera as well.

On another note, I hate telemarketers. I generally don’t answer the phone on my day off but I got a call this morning and I answered it before I realized I don’t know the number. It was some telemarketer trying to sell me a small business phone system. While I might be interested, that’s something I will go out and look for. I certainly wouldn’t buy it sight unseen over the phone. Jerks. I can do my own research without you having to call me and wake me up.

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