October 20, 2008

SickBoy and Schmoe Like to Drink in the Morning

http://www.myspace.com/asickboyforyou http://www.myspace.com/schmoeno It’s a bitch when you can’t even walk down to your own mailbox with some drunk-driving-douchebag running you over. At 11 am. On a Sunday. Of course I suppose they could have been drunk from the night before. Been there and done that but when I drink I don’t get in the car….Read more

Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst: Mackenzie Maddox Followup

Our weekly vlog/podcast on illegal immigration and border security. In this weeks edition… Illegal aliens & voter fraud? How many illegal aliens are registered to vote? We take a look. B4B Follow up: 4 months ago Mackenzie Maddox paid the ultimate price for open borders. Now her mom unloads on the lowlife that killed her….Read more