August 26, 2009

Edward Lee Riley is a Good Candidate for a Vasectomy

Last night a local tow truck driver in Tampa was just driving around looking for people to, you know, tow. That’s when he came across a 1995 Nissan parked in an apartment complex in a resident’s space and no resident’s sticker. He drove around for a few minutes looking for something better to steal tow…Read more

Misti Cummings Fails Lie Detector Test

Pretty recently the Putnam County Sheriff put out a press release which in effect said that Misti Cummings (Croslin) was hindering the search for Haleigh Cummings by not being as forthcoming with information as she could be. A nice way of saying she’s full of shit and most likely knows what happened to Haleigh. Two…Read more

Wednesday Hero: Sgt 1st Class Donald Johnson

Sgt. 1st Class Donald Johnson   Sgt. 1st Class Donald Johnson, the electronic warfare officer of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, talks with local Iraqi kids while on a patrol. Photo courtesy of United States Army Taken by Pfc. Evan Loyd These brave men and women sacrifice so much in…Read more

Scott Swanson Was Angling For More Than Fish

There has been a pretty big hullabaloo the last year or two over sexting, both legally and in the private sector. Most companies now consider it sexual harassment to send suggestive pictures or text messages to other employees and in several states it is now illegal. Last November there was a sexting scandal among 20…Read more