October 2009

GA Legislator May to Introduce Measure to Require 'No Candy Here' Signs

State Representative Rob Teilhet has represented parts of Smyrna and Marietta, GA for the last seven years. He is not my representative out here in Temple but from all I have heard he is a pretty honest and straightforward guy. Teilhet, who is running for Attorney General, is planning on introducing a measure that would…Read more

Stephen Sudduth Indicted for Child Porn

  Earlier this summer 34-Year-Old Stephen Wayne Sudduth from Sealy, Texas was arrested after the Texas Attorney General’s Office found 57,000 images or child pornography and 1,000 child porn videos on his computer, some of which included pictured of himself with children. Sudduth, who was released back in July (I don’t know if he was…Read more

Updated – Chaka Cobb and Ebony Smith Duke it Out on the Eighth Grade Hall

It’s a story almost as old as love itself. Once you’ve got more than one man and woman together in the same place sooner or later there will be a love triangle and the jealousy to go along with it. A fight earlier broke out earlier this week on the eighth grade hall at Rex…Read more

Brandon Trent Sodomized a Three-Year-Old

23-Year-Old Brandon J. Trent’s wife was babysitting a three-year-old child for her mother while she worked. The wife had to go to St. Claire Regional Medical Center to visit her mother briefly and since little kids normally aren’t allowed to visit sick folks she took Brandon along to help her out. The wife was only…Read more

Scott Elder is Just Another Thug

The guy with the smirk pictured above is 22-Year-Old Scott Allen Elder, a rapper from the Savannah, GA area. I guess Scotty didn’t think he had enough ‘street cred’ or some such shit because now he’s shot 24-year-old Brian Mastison, who is in serious condition at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, over a series…Read more

Leah Freeman Would Be 25 Today

Leah Freeman would be 25 today. Her murderer still has not been brought to justice but her mother, Cory Courtright continues to press for justice. Coquille, Ore., Oct. 27, 2009 – Cory Courtright continues her quest for justice in the murder of her daughter, Leah Freeman, even as she faces another painful anniversary on Thursday,…Read more

Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller Picked a Great Disguise

Occasionally amongst all of the fucktards and scumbags that are featured here at Shadowscope along come a couple of winners that are so ignorant and stupid in their failed attempt at breaking the law that I just have to laugh. 23-Year-Old Matthew Allan McNelly and 20-Year-old Joey Lee Miller crawled out of the shallow end…Read more

Caesar Pinto Groped a Woman at Disney Wave Pool

This is the second or third incident at one of the water parks in Orlando that I’ve posted about this year and I think the fifth one reported to police thus far. 19-Year-Old Caesar Pinto of Fort Lauderdale was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly groped a 30-Year-Old woman in the wave pool at…Read more

Terence Lee Offended Again

37-Year-Old Terence Jerome Lee is a convicted sex offender living in the Daytona Beach, Florida area. He was convicted in 2001 for six counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in Carteret County, North Carolina. I guess he found Florida a bit more hospitable to convicted sex offenders and moved there at some point since….Read more