November 14, 2012

How to Set Up SBBS for Fidonet

After doing a lot of hunting I finally came across this guide and am putting it here for posterity. I did switch from Argus to Radius (an Argus Clone) and went through this guide exactly as spelled out and it’s working perfectly. Waiting now for a message back from the NC with a node number….Read more

How to Set up Lord With SBBS

The directions over at the SBBS wiki didn’t seem to work for me so I did some hunting and found the following instructions which allowed it to work using Netfoss: Synchronet BBS 3.1x USAGE Synchronet already has its own FOSSIL support, but using NetFoss in place of the internal FOSSIL can allow DOS doors to…Read more

Setup Tutorial For Argus

I mentioned yesterday that I needed a bit of help setting some things up. I still do but as I’ve searched I’ve found a wealth of information out there. Unfortunately there seems to be less and less as time goes by so I am going to try and repost some of it here and save…Read more