Those Wacky Chinamen…

So how many of you folks actually think that holding the Olympic Games in China was a good idea now? Let’s see… 1. For years now China has seriously oppressed the Chinese people economically, politically and religiously. The rioting and killing that took place relating to Tibet was a direct result of the way they…Read more

May 31st: Animal Kingdom

Saturday was our third day at the park. After having stayed up pretty late the night before we slept in a bit. Besides going to the Animal Kingdom today we also had the Pirates and Princess party to attend that evening. I honestly don’t remember where we ate that morning, now that it’s been almost…Read more

Asian Blog

Since I post quite a bit about vacations and different places I want to go, I also frequent a few sites that specialize in that genre. One of the sites that I have come across is the Asia travel blog. Blogasian has Asian news on travel and hotels, and has nice thorough descriptions and some…Read more