Engadget’s Hundred Gadget Giveaway

Engadget is sponsoring a 100 gadget giveaway, with each contest running for six hours. I just entered and they have some pretty cool gadgets to give us. Go check it out, the current one runs until noon.

Blog Battle Royale – VOTE FOR ME NOW!!!

Catchy headline anyway. Here’s the deal. Every month (for the time being anyway) PPP is having a contest and giving something away. The contest is the Blog Battle Royale. Details on the contest (and the link to vote) are here. Basically we all wrote and entry about what type of robot we would create, what…Read more

Scratch and Win

People are funny sometimes. You can take a handful of people that don’t gamble, enter contests or buy lottery tickets and give them a couple of scratch scratch and win cards and watch them ‘go to town’ on the things. The stores that I run are fairly busy in the evening, more so than the…Read more