Home automation

DreamScreen TV

Browsing around Reddit this afternoon I ran across a relatively new product that looks to be pretty neat. It’s called DreamScreen. Basically it’s a series of LEDs that you stick on the back of your TV like you would with a Hue strip. The main difference is that with DreamScreen they include an HDMI splitter….Read more

Wink Hub Updates

I think I may have posted elsewhere that I have a Wink Connected Home Hub. Apparently they are currently beta testing a Vacation mode subscription that’s going to cost $9.99 a month. What the holy hell? If the Wink hub weren’t only using half it’s sensors, that only work half the time, on a hub…Read more

New Gadget

So my thermostat crapped out yesterday after 16 years. Luckily it’s the time of year where it’s not a humongous deal. Picked up a Zwave thermostat on sale at Home Depot, which is awesome. Putting the damned thing in proved to be a trick. Only four wires in the thermostat but the one I got…Read more

Gadget Blogs

I run a tech site. It’s just a small blog where I will occasionally post news and videos and such. I have never intended for it to be one of the huge gadget blogs, don’t consider it a ‘contender’ or anything like that. I just enjoy writing. I also run a very specific site targeted…Read more