Mystic BBS


Had a few minutes of downtime earlier. Just finished adding another network drive as I was running out of space for my Plex server. I now have 11 terabytes of network space (4 of that is free). Should be good for another couple of years. Going to take the BBS down again later this evening…Read more

* Pinned Post *

Going to pin this post (if it lets me) so that folks can more easily find the links. You can access the BBS by using your telnet client and visiting telnet:// or telnet:// If you want an EASY way to get to it from your web browser you can access it from this blog (best…Read more

Down Time

The BBS and Mailer will be down for just a little bit while I make a backup and upgrade to the latest alpha version of Mystic A45. Shouldn’t take long as it’s just a straight xcopy to another PC where I sync everything to a dropbox folder.

A how-to on getting DOSBox to work with Mystic BBS (Windows version)

Maskreet over at has this pretty good write-up that’s been up at least a couple of years. I needed it earlier this week and his site was temporarily down so I’ve decided to mirror it here. Everything below is courtesy of him: Written by maskreet 12/3/2014(updated 1/19/2018; newest DOSBox SVN) First of all, if…Read more

New Content on the Board

Added a bunch of lit packs today as well as several hundred old BBS mods and art packs. Still need to separate the art packs into different sections at some point. Also have added email validation. Expect that the next time you log in. If you don’t have a valid email address, update it from…Read more

BBS Screenshots

Here are some example screenshots of menus on the board. Thanks mostly to Luciano Ayres at for the awesome menus. There’s no way I could have such a good looking BBS without them. I am OK at Ansi/Ascii and can edit existing stuff but my work pales in comparison to most of the great…Read more

BCR Game Server

Finally got around to adding BCR Game Server to the BBS tonight. Check it out on my board or hit them up directly here.

New L.O.R.D. IGMs added

I’ve added a couple of LORD IGMs to the game. I don’t like a lot of them but as I was a beta tester and support site for Joseph Masters’ stuff back in the day I have always liked Sandtiger’s bar and used Lord NPC as well. I’ve added those and Barak’s House as well….Read more

New Stuff on the Bulletin Board

I’ve updated a few things here and on the BBS this week. First off I created a separate Twitter account just for the BBS and my home automation system. Also figured out how to interface the BBS with Twitter and have it send automatic tweets as well. Also did a short tutorial on how to…Read more

No DOS Doors

For the time being I’ve pretty much given up on trying to get old DOS doors to run under Windows 10 64bit. I know with DOSBox and possibly Doorway it’s possible but I’ve been messing about for a couple of days and not made much progress. I may return to it later and switch gears….Read more