Robert Allen Vandel is a Serial Pedophile

Back in September 2021 police arrested Robert Allen Vandel at Lyndon Academy in Holly Springs, GA. Even though his teaching certificate had been revoked and he had misconduct allegations sprinkled throughout his career, he was working at a private school. A wealth of information in this post is from the Atlanta Journal Constitution in a…Read more

Kevin Wilson is a Douchebag

Updated 11/11/22  49-year-old (now 63) Kevin Wilson from Marquette, Michigan used to be the Computer Science teacher at Bothwell Middle School, also in Marquette. I say used to because the bastard is now behind bars where he belongs. Wilson was arrested back in October of this past year on two counts of criminal sexual conduct….Read more

FLDS Polygamy Ranch Sealed

More and more details are coming out from the investigation into the Texas compound where several hundred members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints have lived. Authorities are starting to release details of some of the accusations of sexual abuse that brought it under Federal investigation. All in all, 416 children have been…Read more

Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst

I get this weekly via email and try to have them up first thing Monday morning but sometimes things get in the way. I guess I must have gotten busy or something but now I am trying to get through a pile of about 400 emails. Just came across this one, thus the post 🙂